Poly Sync floats speakerphones for remote workers

The devices use proprietary microphone technology to track the talker, rather than the sound.

The Poly Sync 20, Poly Sync 40 and Poly Sync 60 are all designed to enable people to work from anywhere – whether that’s a remote work location at home or a conference room in the office. Poly Sync’s USB and Bluetooth connectivity options offer the choice of wireless or wired connections. Intelligent microphones can detect voices throughout the room, so speakers sound crisp and clear. All the speakerphones can use Siri or Google voice assistant. 

Poly is the largest hardware provider for Zoom, and Poly Sync 20 is among the first to receive Zoom’s Personal USB Speakerphone certification. With its three-microphone array, Poly Sync 20 and Poly Sync 20+ are designed to be super portable and they also double as a music speaker and a smartphone charger.

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