Qualcomm announces a new IoT suite for smart cities and connected spaces

Global chipmaker Qualcomm on Thursday announced a new Internet of Things Services Suite, which aims to deliver comprehensive IoT as a Service solutions to enable the digital transformation of smart cities and connected spaces globally.

According to the company, the IoT suite also demonstrates the continued momentum of the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Programme, which has brought together 300 members since its launch in April 2019 and showcased a tangible example of what can be achieved with the launch of the Qualcomm Smart Campus in San Diego.

“To directly address the fragmented nature of the IoT industry, our Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Programme and Qualcomm IoT Services Suite bridge the gap for IoT service providers and entities looking to quickly deploy smart solutions,” said Sanjeet Pandit, senior director, business development and global head of Smart Cities, Qualcomm Technologies.

The IoT Services Suite is engineered to deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for plug-and-play deployment, from silicon to modules to devices to software and platform integration. The platform seamlessly integrates Qualcomm Technologies’ chipset-enabled subsystems to support middleware, data operations, cloud services, enhanced security, user experience, analytics, collective intelligence and artificial intelligence.

In addition, when companies and municipalities utilise the Qualcomm IoT Services Suite and other solutions offered by members of the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program, they can bypass common fragmentation – making it easier, quicker and more cost-effective to manage and deploy smart connected spaces, the company said.

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