Pre-orders of Perenio Smart UV-lamps for disinfection UV Lightsaber & UV-mini Indigo started

The Czech brand Perenio is launching a new product category – Smart Health, including innovative devices to protect against viruses and bacteria. These are two models of smart UV-lamps: UV Lightsaber and a portable UV-mini Indigo, for remote disinfection of indoor air and surfaces. Smart products are connected and controlled via the free mobile app Perenio Smart and kill germs and viruses with UV and ozone.

Smart Security Kit UV Lightsaber consists of a UV lamp and a Power Link Wi-Fi for remote disinfection of indoor air and surfaces using ultraviolet and ozone.

UV Lightsaber effectively fights harmful microorganisms and viruses in the air and on surfaces. Complete and reliable disinfection of a 30 m2 room takes 30 minutes. UV treatment removes mold growth and germination in damp rooms, and also kills dust mites on textiles, furniture and carpets. Due to its high oxidizing properties, ozone reacts with substances that give an unpleasant odor and removes them. The room must be ventilated after processing. 

Ultraviolet light and ozone efficiently destroy 99% of pathogenic microbes and viruses in the air and on surfaces. In the 200-300 nm spectrum, it destroys the genetic structures of microorganisms and viruses, and they lose their ability to grow and reproduce. Ozone has high reactivity and strong oxidizing properties, attacks the surface of microorganisms and instantly destroys them. Ozone removes unpleasant indoor odors without adding new odors to the environment.

Control the lamp through the mobile app for your safety. No need to leave the room quickly. Turn on and off the lamp using the mobile application, being anywhere, and also set the autonomous timer at the optimal time for complete disinfection of the room. Create a schedule to run disinfection during the day or night when no one is at home. Just plan the scenario in the application. Manage the disinfection cycle of several lamps at the same time, integrating them into a single system in a mobile application Alice by Yandex, Marusia by, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant. 

The mobile application Perenio Smart Home provides the ability to create your own scripts and schedules for running disinfection during the day or at night when no one is at home. Also, the user can control the operation cycle of several lamps at the same time, combining them into a single system.

UV Lightsaber plugs into a power socket Power Link Wi-Fi for 6,000 lamp hours or over 12,000 decontamination cycles.

UV Lightsaber is available for use in all places at home for disinfection of air and surfaces of furniture, carpets, textiles and outerwear:

  • at the kitchen for cleaning from harmful bacteria;
  • at the bathroom for treating the bathroom to prevent the spread of mold;
  • in the bedroom and dressing room for the treatment of upholstered furniture, towels, bed linen and clothes, to eliminate dust mites and eliminate odors.

The portable UV-mini lamp Indigo is a more mobile device. Users can take it with you to disinfect surfaces wherever the user is: in the car, in the storage box in the fitness center, in hotel rooms when traveling, in photo studios and dressing rooms, in coworking spaces. 

Also, the UV-lamp can be used in offices, restaurants and cafes, fitness rooms during regular disinfection to protect the health of employees and customers on a daily basis. You can add treatment cycles to the schedule during off-hours or at night when there is no one in the premises. Lamps can also be used for preventive decontamination of inventory after routine cleaning in health centers and beauty salons.

It is important to observe safety precautions during working, it is forbidden: 

  • to look at the switched on lamp;
  • to use it in the presence of people, animals and plants.

Ventilate the room for 30 minutes after disinfection.

For your safety, control Perenio Smart Health devices remotely: using a mobile app or voice assistants.

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