Perenio IoT introduces ECO-Smart Heater – Joule

The Chech technology company Perenio IoT presents a new product to the market – an Smart ECO-friendly Infrared Heater Joule with a stylish ergonomic design and a high degree of safety.

Smart ECO-friendly Infrared Heater Perenio Joule was created on the base patented graphene-based heating technology for uniform and eco-friendly room heating. It provides light gradual heating of the room, allows you to maintain the set temperature, does not dry the air and does not burn oxygen, maintaining the natural balance of humidity, and does not emit harmful substances that affect the well-being and health of people. This allows users to use the heater without buying and installing additional devices such as a humidifier.

Three control modes are available: manual, via free mobile app Perenio Smart / Perenio Lite in a smartphone, with voice assistants Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant. Remote control via a mobile application or voice commands by virtual assistants allows to turn on/off the heater, set the temperature and timer, track energy consumption, and create personal scenarios.

Joule has a high-strength tempered glass case, power surge protection, and anti-tipping gyroscope. In the case of the downfall or 45 degrees overturn, the heater immediately turns off, and the user receives a push notification to the smartphone. It also has a child lock function.

The energy efficiency of the heater is close to 100%. The power consumption is 800 W, which is more than two times lower than the energy consumption of appliances for heating (1500-2000 W).

Device has minimalistic design perfectly complements any interior design style. Easy installation is foreseen on the floor or wall horizontally and vertically using special brackets and leg stands included. Customized design is possible – the heater panel can be done in other colors and from other eco-materials, for example, stone or marble.

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