Kerlink and Microshare design a contact-tracing solution

Kerlink, a specialist in solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), and Microshare, the leading data management solution for the IoT era, announced their collaboration in delivering a turnkey solution to trace contacts proximity in the workplace to help to fight spread of Covid-19.

Facing the Covid-19 pandemic, World Health Organization officials stressed the importance for countries to combine testing, isolation and tracing of new cases to suppress the spread of the virus. Suppression is essential for buying time to develop new medicines and new vaccines, to manufacture much-needed equipment, and to design reactive solutions to prevent the spreading of illnesses.

This crisis also reveals that personnel are both the most important and most vulnerable assets of companies and industries, as well as public-service and government agencies. Suppression is thus an especially key challenge during the outbreak and the transition out of confinement phases for all businesses and services. Private and public sector entities are torn between the imperative to strictly follow locally personal hygiene and safety rules and their critical challenge to maintain business continuity, while ensuring the safety of their personnel.

There is wide agreement that effective, close monitoring – known as contact tracing – is essential to identify people who came in contact with infected people to guide proactive prevention and to follow up with the contacts identified.

Microshare and Kerlink have combined their deep experience in indoor asset tracking within facilities and around ring-fenced properties to deliver a cost-effective contact-tracing solution.


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