IoT utilised to smarten buildings in Scottish Highlands

Smart IoT technology is being used to save costs and reduce the carbon footprint of schools, care homes, leisure centres and council offices as part of a new £400,000 project.

With numerous isolated buildings in the Scottish Highlands, remote monitoring will help use resources more efficiently.

A new £400k project is set to transform schools, care homes, leisure centres and council offices into smart buildings across the Scottish Highlands

The project will be implemented by Highland Council and IoT provider, North.

By using Scotland’s National IoT network, IoT Scotland, along with smart sensors to collect data, the project will gain insights on council buildings including CO2 levels, temperature and humidity, ventilation, electricity consumption and light levels.

The data will be used by the council within its data analytics platform to reduce costs and carbon emissions, whilst improving the environment for young people, elderly care home residents, members of the local community, and council staff.

Serving a third of Scotland’s total land area, Highland Council is responsible for many remote buildings which can now be monitored from a centralised point across the IoT network – reducing unnecessary journeys and enabling better use of resources.

The Highland Council’s Chair of the Economy and Infrastructure Committee and Chair of the Council’s Climate Change Working Group, Trish Robertson, said: “We are delighted to be working with North on a Smart Building – Smart Cities project which has been procured with the assistance of funding from the European Rural Development Fund (ERDF).

“North have supplied us with a large number of monitoring devices which will allow us to monitor activity in our large estate, and inform decisions on how to manage our buildings in a more energy efficient way. Alongside the hardware supplied, North have also been very proactive in supplying training and technical support to our project team.”

North is delivering the project across all Highland Council buildings, with the council able to self-install pre-configured IoT sensors to monitor and gather data on building and room usage. To do this, the company has supplied its data enablement platform to help the council and its partners model building use, identify issues and deliver a more comfortable environment whilst controlling costs.

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