Demand for city air quality sensors is growing

Increasing urbanisation and a better understanding of the health effects of pollution are creating a growing market for municipal IoT-enabled air quality sensors, according to new research from market intelligence firm Guidehouse Insights.

Its Air Quality Monitoring for Smart Cities report finds that the IoT air quality monitor market has seen accelerated growth in the past few years and this is expected to continue. It forecasts that global deployments of municipal IoT air quality sensing units will increase from 10,250 units in 2020 to 67,522 by 2029, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.3 percent.

Although the market is largely focused on stationary IoT-enabled sensors, mobile air quality sensing (e.g. from a moving vehicle) and virtual sensing (the use of predictive analytics and machine learning to project pollutant levels) are also finding a niche in the sector, the report says.

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