Editorial Policy

Editorial independence is central to online-magazine “Internet and Things”.

We don’t publish commercial content without the indication of “Advertising”. Commercial content and advertising of any goods and services are not available in editorial texts.

Advertisements and editorial content must be clearly distinguishable. Advertisements content and sponsored supplements must be clearly indicated as such. 

The founder and investor of online-magazine “Internet and Things” is the Czech hi-tech company Perenio IoT. The company does not have the right to interfere and influence the editorial policy of the publication.

Protection of Intellectual Properties

“Internet and Things” protects Intellectual Properties. All materials published on the website are protected in accordance with applicable law and are not subject to use by anyone in any form or in any way by the method, including the method of reproduction, distribution, processing and all other possible ways, other than in the manner established by the current legislation without the consent of the editors and reference to the source.

It’s including texts, photographs, video materials, programs and databases, graphic images, website design, music and sound, industrial property objects (protected trademarks and brand names), as well as all other materials that are the results of intellectual activity.

Note: Intellectual properties refer to intellectual property rights (patent rights, trademark, design rights, copyrights, etc.) and business confidentiality (know-how, etc.).